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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 yaw!

ZOMG! Tomorrow is 31st of December and straight on the last day of December and 2010 FTW! I am freaking out because I am getting older and I have not idea what 2011 has in stores for me! Like... I'm freaking out. I have a list of New Years Resolution and I'm praying hard so I will change my old habits. Gaaaaaaa~

A lot of things has happened in 2010 and I will remember those good time I've had with my best friends and my close friends. I am really sorry if I have not been the best-of-friends but I'm still learning to grow up. Thanks for everything!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New year!

Bahahahahahaha sorry for not updating. Was busy(not) for this past few days. Guess what I've cut my hair! Not short but just like bob style. I'm impressed with the hair stylist because she knows hairs, literally! Teehee! Other than that, I've dyed my hair.. twice! This time it's fo' show! I use this product from Liese Bubble Hair Colour Milk Tea Brown. I'm happy with the results although it wasn't how I expected it to be. 

Well, I'll update you more when I find something interesting to talk about. Till' then, ciao!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Updates again!

Me with a cosplayer Niel (Bleach)
Me as Chii on the first day
Random girl on the second day :)
Lol... I haven't update my blog for... 2 days now. My finger are itching to type the key board. Teehee! I just want to say about Hobbycon Day 2. It was a blast! I can't wait for next year's hobbycon! Awesome-ness!

Then... comes exam paper. Sucks! I want SPM to get it over with! I can't wait for next monday~

See you 'till then~


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jipaban-My 2010 Santarina

This is my first time writing a blog about Jipaban. We were asked to write a blog about who and why we want to give our beloved friends gifts for christmas. Hmmm... I'm pretty much new to this so I'll do my best to win! After 24 hours of thinking, I know who I'm going to give the christmas present; and it's none other than my beloved mother!

Searching through the Jipaban website, clicking and typing for the suitable present for my mother and I've found this two lovely item which are below RM100. One is this: Peep Toe Studded Wedge. The reason is because my mother couldn't find any shoes/flats/heels/wedge that suits her and as her daughter, I want her to have the best because she deserve to look better with new pair of wedges. The second item is this: Long Basic Tees. My mum likes to wear something simple.

My mum deserve to have these things because she works hard everyday just for me. I don't feel right if I wear something beautiful and my mother couldn't find clothes that suits her. As her daughter, of course every daughter want their mother to have the best but I want my mother to have the most exquisite things in life. I want my mum to know that I do care about her and I want her to look her best like she used.

I hope Jipaban and Nuffnang will read my blog and please consider me to have these presents for my mother.


Hobbycon 2010!

11/12 and 12/12 marks the spot!! Hobbycon is coming to town! Well, at least City Mall only. Last year I attended with my friends as well and I coplay as Osaki Nana from the anime NANA. It was like the most easiest character to cosplay! Teehee! This is my picture from last year:

PIC ONE: ME                                                    PIC TWO: ME AND MY TOMODACHI <3

Then, just recently I went to J-Fest in UMS and me and teamSORA attended the festival and we met a lot of familiar faces like Sakuya-chan, Chiaki Nakamura, IRTea, Maguro Relle and A LOT MORE. This is our group photo :)

And guess what I'll be going as this year? *DrumRolls* Chi FROM Chobits!!!

I can't wait for hobbycon! Wait for me hobbycon! 


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

my puppy name fifi and my cat named stella


I am proud to tell that my wittle Fifi is cuteeee! She is a half Pomeranian and half Terrier pup. Although I prefere calling her just.. mixed breed. Teehee! Mixed or not, I still love her!

Reflecting back on how many animals we (me and my family) ownED until now, I then realized... we had A LOT.

1.Dogs -5
2.Cats - I lost count at 5 >D
3.Fishes - Numerous.
4.Rabbits -3/4
5.Hamsters - I think 4.. or 5..
6.Squirrels - 2 (Courtesy of my uncle Johny :D)

And not forgetting the rats. O>O

But sadly most of my pets died.. R.I.P

Now, at that's left is Fifi and Stella (Cat):

Stella.. well.. about her. We adopted her from SPCA, KK which is a animal shelter for stray cats/dogs that needs to be taken care of. We got her somewhere early this year and we found out that she is one lazy cat. I forgot whats her breed called.. but she is one adorable FAT cat, Well not fat, just chubby :) and she'll only answer you once. Very quiet de...